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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board helps maintain the journal’s high standards by evaluating submissions and by advising the Editor on matters pertaining to all aspects of the journal and its activities.

The members of the Advisory Board are:

Janet Beizer, Harvard University

Daniel Desormeaux, University of Chicago

Melanie Hawthorne, Texas A&M University

Deborah Jenson, Duke University

Dorothy Kelly, Boston University

Steve Murphy, Université Rennes 2

Jacques Neefs, Johns Hopkins University

Catherine Nesci, University of California at Santa Barbara

Allan H. Pasco, University of Kansas

Julia Przyboś, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Martine Reid, Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille 3

Jean-Marie Roulin, Université de Lyon St. Étienne

Gretchen Schultz, Brown University

Jonathan Strauss, Miami University of Ohio

Nicholas White, University of Cambridge

Catherine Witt, Reed College













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