Mallarmé: Un (dé)placement avantageux dans la sphère symboliste

Starting from "Déplacement avantageux" (1894) and from the perspective designed there by Mallarmé in the sense of an open approach and possibly somewhat outside of the French literary field, this paper aims to trace a new profile of the well-known "Master" of symbologists, to discover the mobility of his thought and his proactive presence in the literary sphere of the end of the century by shifting images crystallized by tradition: hermetism, obscurity, detachment from the social and historical reality of his time. In conformity with the cosmopolitan effervescence of a time so characteristically Francophile, Mallarmé did not close himself in a universe of signs. At the peak of Symbolism, which is also the peak of his notoriety, the poet spread out into a diversified network of activities and contacts inside and out of the Hexagon assuming his role of mentor of the "poetic (r)evolution," which originated from a challenging crisis situation – "exquise, fondamentale" – in the beginning of modernity. (MDJC)

Cabral, Maria De Jesus
Volume 2010 Spring-Summer; 38(3-4): 228-251