Editorial Board

The Editorial Board oversees the editorial direction and content of the journal: from submission to publication, both in print and online. Please feel free to contact the Editorial Board at any time with questions regarding the journal’s editorial policies or about any specific submission: ncfsarticles@gmail.com for questions about articles or article submissions, and ncfsreviews@gmail.com for book review inquiries.


Seth Whidden, The Queen's College, University of Oxford

Associate Editors

François Proulx, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Chelsea Stieber, Tulane University

Book Review Coeditors

Colin Foss, Austin College

Anne O’Neil-Henry, Georgetown University


Past members of the Editorial Board

Past Editors

T.H. Goetz, Founding Editor (SUNY Fredonia, 1972-1999)

Marshall C. Olds (University of Nebraska, then Michigan State University, 1999–2014)

Associate Editors

Peter Schofer (University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2000–01)

Catherine Nesci (University of California at Santa Barbara, 2012–15)

Seth Whidden (Villanova University, then The Queen's College, University of Oxford, 2012–14)

Scott Carpenter (Carleton College, 2014–18)

Lise Schreier (Fordham University, 2016–19)

Rachel Mesch (Yeshiva University, 2014–20)

Annick Ettlin (Université de Genève, 2020–22)

Claire White (Girton College, University of Cambridge, 2019–23)

Book Review Editors

Timothy Raser (University of Georgia, 2004–12)

Aimée Boutin (Florida State University, 2012–19)

Elizabeth Emery (Montclair State University, 2012–20)

Pratima Prasad (University of Massachusetts Boston, 2019-23)