Mérimée's Romantic Theater: The Present State of Scholarship

Surveying the critical literature of the past twenty years, this article reviews scholarship devoted in whole or in part to Prosper Mérimée's romantic dramas: Le Théâtre de Clara Gazul (1825-1830), La Jaquerie, scènes féodales, and La Famille de Carvajal, drame (both of 1828). Saved from total oblivion by their historical and chronological position, these plays are shown to have elicited a significant, if not substantial, number of studies. Most follow traditional literary-critical modes (literary biography, source studies, literary history, etc.); a few open new vistas still to be fully explored. In addition to the brief summaries of the extant scholarship on this topic, some suggestions are offered for future investigations. (BTC)

Cooper, Barbara T
Volume 1977-1978 Fall-Winter; 6(1-2): 72-81.