Résonances des temps: La Commune comme « hantologie » de 1968 à aujourd’hui

Those who survived the massacre of the Commune lived with the obsession of the Dead, in their memory and their need for revenge. We know the famous phrase “The Commune is not dead”; it returned to them like a specter. And it is true that history is also made of ghosts, a presence from the past which comes to animate the courage of the living. This is also why the reference to the Commune reappeared in 1968. This article proposes to analyze the history of these references and ghosts, from the Commune to ’68. It examines how the past was summoned during each of these events. In 1968 too, during the first days of May, one cry could be heard: “It is the revenge of the Commune”. Feminists also celebrated the Commune and, with it, another story of women. (In French)

Ludivine Bantigny
Université de Rouen-Normandie
Volume 49.3–4