La Lettre de rupture de Rodolphe à Emma Bovary: l'énonciation parle l'économie

As Rodolphe sorts out the pretexts that lead to his split with Emma, our reading accounts for the economic strata hidden beneath the mechanisms described – for instance the decreasing sentimental value accompanies the sentimental fraud upon which Rodolphe has based the relationship. Economics is also revealed explicitly in the narration through words like "rupture," "intervalle," "gêne," "intérêt." By displaying his love trophies, Rodolphe exemplifies the concept of accumulation that functions unhampered in a society where reified human relationships are under the dominant sign of profit. Only the scriptural sign that is symbolized by the promissory note produces value. All other signs, because of their proliferation, are largely devalued. (In French) (PGR-P)

Reynaud-Pactat, Patricia
Volume 1990 Fall; 19(1): 83-94